My Sweet Family

I’m a wife, mother, a cross-fitter, photographer, blogger + designer. I travel. I live. I love.

This used to me my personal blog ( which has since merged with my business. Why? Because it’s all my life. It’s a big part of it. And you should see it all. So you can get to know me. And hopefully, like me.

Ken, broken collar bone in four places and all, ventured out to take the kids on their day off to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It’s like ‘his thing’ with the kids + they love love love it. They came home talking about building rockets + much more. It wasn’t too crowded since basically […]

Ken and I traveled to Kauai again this past December kid-less. It was a fabulous time filled with relaxation, good food + drinks and some celebrity sightings (Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Nealon …). We started our trek into Kauai traveling first class with Alaska Airlines.  Oh my.  I love them.  Their first class ends up being […]