My Sweet Family

I’m a wife, mother, a cross-fitter, photographer, blogger + designer. I travel. I live. I love.

This used to me my personal blog ( which has since merged with my business. Why? Because it’s all my life. It’s a big part of it. And you should see it all. So you can get to know me. And hopefully, like me.

Disney with No Parents

A few months ago they offered – let’s take the kids to Disney.  Do you mind?  Oh, mind you ask mom + dad.+ View More

The First Day | 2014

As you may remember last year was a tough one for Lilliana. This year, the tears were replaced by smiles. Pure+ View More

Doggie Smiles

Growing up people always said their pets smiled. I never believed it. Fast forward to tonight … saw this photo of+ View More

Adios Helicopter Mom

This past year, my husband and I decided to take our children on two family vacations – Hawaii and Costa Rica. We+ View More

She’s 89

Oh my. I hope one day I can look back + have such an amazing life. We celebrated my grandmother’s birthday a+ View More

Catholic Schools Week Kick-Off

This Sunday we volunteered the boys (and Lilliana) to participate in the opening Mass at St. Joseph’s for+ View More

Snow Day

Picture this … going from 80 degrees + glorious to 20 degrees and snow within what?  two days.  Ugh. 23+ View More

Meeting new people

For so long, I was an introvert.  I know.  I know.  Online persona.  Eh?  Ken laughs at me.  He honestly says I hardly+ View More

Photographing NICU Babies | World Prematurity Day

This was originally a blog post I did over during my time at Clickinmoms a few years ago. Over two years passed so I+ View More

Halloween Superhero Time

I never thought I’d see the day. When I gave up control of what my kids wear for Halloween. You know what I+ View More

#Happiest5k AKA the Color Run

A few months ago, I signed up for the #happiest5k. Fast forward to a week ago, when I was diagnosed with plantar+ View More

Let’s Cheer for the AC Marathon

I tried to run once.  Just once.  In a race.  This one to be exact.  I ran the 10K.  I can say it.  I sucked.  I had+ View More